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Freedom of Religious Thought


Our Religious Education ‘Rainbow’

Unitarian Universalist religious education gives children, youth, and adults opportunities to develop their own religious philosophy/theology. It frees them to be their best selves and to be kind, fair, creative, and responsible persons. It provides compelling and vivid experiences of the power of our faith, and helps people develop life-enhancing relationships with themselves, others, the world, our earth, and the universe.

  • Red – Respect all beings.
  • Orange – Offer fairness and compassion to everyone.
  • Yellow – Yearn to learn by caring and encouraging.
  • Green – Grow by exploring new ideas together.
  • Blue – Believe what your heart tells you, yet listen to others.
  • Indigo – Insist on peace and justice for the whole world.
  • Violet – Value the interconnected web of all life.


Worship is an important part of the Sunday service. On the first Sunday of the month children are included in the Fellowship Sundays where all ages gather together in Coburn Hall.  The remaining Sundays children are included in the beginning of the adult worship service.  Several times throughout the year, children participate in inter-generational services.