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Freedom of Religious Thought

Colour Groups & Curricula

Our Religious Education Groups

Our Religious Education program is a cooperative program where all parents and members of the congregation are involved in the nurturing of our young attendees. In the interest of providing each young person with a fun and rewarding experience, we offer  groups with similar age ranges.  Depending on class numbers (usually 6-8 children per class) and volunteer support, we may adjust the group’s age range slightly.  The Director of Religious Education along with your help will be able to find the best group fit for your child.


This year, we are participating in theme-based monthly programming (which coincides with what the adults are participating in, in their worship services and adult programming).  We will use each months theme as a jumping off point for the classroom education and activity – and create age range appropriate exploration of the subject.

UCS Thematic Poster 2013-14



Classroom Age Groups: (may change depending on enrollment and attendance)

Nursery – (Upper classroom) – 0-4 years. Young Children enjoy our nursery under the supervision of a paid caregiver.  The service can be heard over speaker piped into the room, should a parent/guardian wish to stay with their young child.  A wide variety of toys, books and craft materials provide a creative and fun environment for little ones.  A snack, very simple, will be provided unless parents specify otherwise.

Children (Pre-K – Gr 6) – Lower Hall – Children meet downstairs to gather in their own worship service, before going into classroom activities.  Parents are more than welcome to join in.

Jr. & Sr. Youth (Gr. 7+) – (Main Floor Classroom)  - The teens and young adults have both formal and informal discussions – and are encouraged in self-leadership.  Youth advisors are on hand to guide discussion and promote leadership within the group.


For more information contact:

Lisa Denis, Director of Religious Education (Children’s Programming)