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Freedom of Religious Thought

Covenant of Right Relations


  • Speak for myself, with honesty.
  • Listen attentively, interact respectfully, acknowledge other people’s views and try to imagine holding their opinions.
  • Confirm my understanding of what has been said.
  • Remember that people differ in their perceptions, previous experience and communication needs and styles.
  • Take responsibility for my words and actions and be aware of how they may affect others.
  • Follow through with action on promises and commitments. Go directly to a person with whom I disagree and share differences respectfully.  If needed, I will use a third party to mediate.
  • Stay engaged and be patient with myself, others and the process of change.
  • Lighten up, let go of the trivial and be willing to give and take.

Covenant of Right Relations (pdf)

Ratified 27 May 2007 – Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon