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May 12 – UCS’ Talent Auction – 2PM

The UCS Talent Auction will take place

Saturday May 12th at 2:00 in Coburn Hall

with Ken Crush as auctioneer.

The format of the sale will be similar to last time.  That is, for a donation to the Unitarian Centre you will receive $100.00 UCS bidding bucks for use at the sale.

Up for auction will be the numerous talents of our community.  What talents do you have that you would be willing to share with your Unitarian friends?  There was fierce bidding last year for the talents that were donated by our congregation–and the format of “bidding bucks” made it a vibrant and fun event for all ages.  This is your opportunity to show off your skills by offering them for auction.  The lovely thing about donating a talent for auction is that after it has been sold to raise funds for the Unitarian Church, you still have it to use time and time again.

If you have a talent that you would care to donate to the sale please contact before May 5th.

Doug Daniels email: phone: 374-2444 after 7:00 PM

Liz James email:

What Kinds of Things Do You Donate to a Talent Auction?

Hits from previous years include…

An event–a dinner, a sleigh ride, an outing to the children’s festival, an afternoon tea…

Lessons–sewing, woodworking, music, life? ….

Items–home baked bread, a dessert, goat cheese, a piece of artwork…  …even a valuable but unused item that doesn’t reflect a talent (someone donated an iPod once) is still great!

Services –yard work, dog walking, babysitting…

Use of something–a cabin, a pool…

Be creative!  Remember that all ages will bid on items, and all ages are approached to donate items…  Everyone has a talent or a hidden treasure...

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