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Freedom of Religious Thought

Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday Services

Our Sunday Services begin at 10:30 am, along with the Religious Education classes for children and youth.

How do I get there?

The address is 213 Second Street East in Saskatoon. A Map is available in the right-hand bar, under How to Find Us.

A few bus routes travel near to the Unitarian Centre, down Lorne and Broadway. Click here to access the city of Saskatoon’s transit pages.

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?

Unitarian Universalists believe a wide variety of things. You will find UU Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, Agnostics, Atheists, as well as people who have trouble classifying their beliefs. What we have in common are our seven principles, which we all agree to, and the desire for a church community where we can be accepted regardless of what we believe.

Will I fit in?

The worth and dignity of every person is one of our seven principles. We welcome people of all races, ages, gender, sexual orientation, and abilities.

What kind of people come to UCS?

You’ll find a wide variety of people at UCS. We talk about diversity a lot, and strive to welcome it. Many of our members are people who have attended another church and found the community valuable but weren’t able to accept the beliefs. We have a reasonably strong Wiccan and Buddhist presence, and a lot of members who do not believe in a God at all. There is a much stronger LGBT presence here than you will find in most congregations–same sex couples generally feel very comfortable in our community.

Acceptance is very important to our membership. People who feel that their way is right and are determined to save or convince others would probably feel uncomfortable here.

What provisions do you have for people with disabilities?

Our main floor is  wheelchair accessible and our sanctuary is accessible with the use of a chair lift.

What should I wear? What should my children wear?

You should wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Most people dress casually (jeans are fine), but some people dress up. Your children should wear something they can play in.

Is there childcare and/or Sunday School? What is taught?

We have a program for all ages–from our nursery to our youth group. We hire a part time Director of Religious Education, who oversees our children’s program. See our Religious Education section for more details.

My child doesn’t separate well. Can he/she stay with me during the service?

Absolutely. Many parents, particularly of smaller children, keep their children with them in the chapel. Many parents also choose to be in the nursery with their child, in order to help the child adjust and also to have a chance to chat with other parents. You are also welcome to breastfeed anywhere in our building or at our events. You are encouraged to do whatever works for your family.

How do you worship together if you don’t all believe the same thing?

There are two strategies we use–flexibility and “taking turns”. Flexibility for us means choosing things that can mean different things to different people. A minute of silence can mean prayer, meditation, or reflection. Lighting a candle can be spiritual or social. We also have a wide variety of services–some are more tailored to people with a stronger spiritual side, and some are more academic. This is worth remembering the first few times you come–what is said from the pulpit often reflects simply the beliefs of that speaker and may be quite different the following Sunday.

What goes on during a worship service?

There are always exceptions, but the general format of a service involves beginning with announcements, some music, and some opening words. We then light the chalice and will often also have a chance for people who would like to to light candles for the joys and concerns of their lives (and say a couple of words if they’d like). We usually light a candle of global concern for an issue in the world that we’d like to draw our attention to.

There is almost always some kind of address–either a talk by a member of the congregation or the wider community, or a sermon from a minister. We also take a collection (to which you can choose to donate or not). We tend to close with a few more words and some more music (which we also use liberally throughout the service).

Children begin with us in the chapel one Sunday per month, and on those Sundays we have a children’s story, usually light the children’s candles, and often have some children’s music.

Will I be pressured to join or be saved?

No. The right to a free and independent search for truth and meaning is one of our seven principles. Expect people to be friendly–you will likely be greeted, offered a program and a name tag, and given an opportunity to sign our guest book. We are not oriented towards spreading our religion as much as we are towards making it available for people who are looking for it.